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MockingJay ebook download

The Hunger Games ebook – Suzanne Collins – Trilogy

Everyone knows the hunger games, at least you think so. If you only have seen the movies, I must say you don’t know THE HUNGER GAMES. A lot of the book plot was missed in the movies, and story told by the books leaves you with no doubt that it could be the best series, that came out in the past years. These are already most talked about books in the recent publishing crowd. If you have read one of the books, I want you to leave without doubt that last episode of the Trilogy will leave you breath less, with more focus in the huge scale destruction and political intrigue. Will, Katniss succeed? Well, as much I wish to tell you about it, I won’t because that would be heart less of me. Suzanne Collins exactly knew how to put her words around to make us, addicted to the series and never get enough of it. Hunger Games, Catching fire and finally the Mockingjay as the successful completion of the whole series, will leave a strong impact on our reading taste and approval.

So, today we release the download link for the whole The Hunger Games ebook series. I’m also thinking on leaving individual links for each of the books. So the pack contains.

The Hunger Games – epub, mobi and pdf.

Catching Fire – epub, mobi and pdf.

Mockingjay – epub, mobi and pdf.

All the releases WORK on kindle readers, if you already own one, there is no problem to use them.